Speakers to build a $6500 system around

I am frustrated with all the speaker choices available in the $2k range. There's just too many! I listen to all music types but I lean towards jazz, vocals and reggae. I have a bedroom system consisting of an Rega Apollo cd player, Music Angel EL34 integrated pushing an old pair of Energy 4.1e's which I enjoy very much. However, this set-up in my larger tiled family room just doesn't cut it. Can someone recommend a source,full range speaker and integrated combo that can deliver "you are there" kind of sound for around $6500? My room is not ideal. It measures 16' x 20'. One side opens out to a dining area. I have to place these speakers against the long wall. I would really appreciate any opinions on speakers in the $2000 dollar range that I can really build something special upon. Thanks!
In the shop, I definitely preferred the bass of the 3As to the 2CEs. The 3A bass is maybe a little loose, but this is compared to the twice as expensive Quatros. I wouldn't have considered the 3As if they smeared the bassline in Jazz (I felt this was a problem with the Sonus Faber Grand Pianos), and they don't. I'd look for some used 3As available for pickup nearby.
Oh, by the way, that sounds like a very nice room. I don't know why short wall setup is the conventional wisdom. Some very smart people (e.g. John Dunlavy) preferred long wall set up in their listening tests.
In my room, speakers against the long wall sound better than against short wall. I have no idea why, it just does.
I too prefer the long wall placement with room treatment behind the listening position.