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Conrad Johnson 150 integrated
What is the continuous power @ 4ohms? 
Your best chair you listen to your gear
Eames lounge chair and ottoman. Style and comfort! 
Naim UnitiQute - who's heard one?
It is my main system in a decent sized room. I had the Uniti and traded it in when the Qute was released. Same speakers used on both. There may be a little difference in presentation due to reduced wpc 50 vs 30 but the Harbeth's are 6ohm so I get ... 
Naim UnitiQute - who's heard one?
I own one. I love the flexibility and the quality. I have it paired with the Naim music server (UnitiServe) and Harbeth C7es3's. The n-stream app is great. An n-stream version for the ipad is to be released very soon. Internet Radio on this unit i... 
Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System
I use a NaimUniti with my Harbeth C7's. Absolutely love them. The Uniti will stream the music from your pc. Worth a look. 
How much for an entry Naim system?
I have a Naim Uniti and LOVE IT! It is one unit. Amp/pre/CD/Tuner and wireless for access to a music server (pc)and internet radio. I have it paired with Harbeth 7es speakers. 
Music server
I use the Naim Uniti with files stored on a NAS. 
Harbeth Compact 7s with Mcintosh MC225?
I'm using a 50wpc Naim amplifier and they sound great. Plenty to spare if needed. 
Speakers to build a $6500 system around
09-01-09: EjineffectDevelyn50, what speakers are you listening to?I am using Harbeth 7es 3's. 
Speakers to build a $6500 system around
In my room, speakers against the long wall sound better than against short wall. I have no idea why, it just does. 
Power amp for Quad 11L2
Yes, I would describe it as neutral. 
Power amp for Quad 11L2
How about a used Bel Canto s300? They are usually around $900 US. Sorry, not sure what the exchange rate is for AUD. 
How to Play iTunes Through My HiFi
If the Dac2 has USB, direct connect from the Mac to the Dac using USB. If it doesn't have USB, you can purchase a Bel Canto USB 24/96 Link. it has USB on one end and SPDIF on the other. 
New USB and Toslink cables
OK, I've decided on a winner. Unfortunately, it's the USB cable. I say unfortunately because wireless is more convenient so I really wanted it to prevail. Connecting via the USB provided a more open sound stage and more detail. I'd say the improve... 
Music Hall Dac 25.2 vs PS Audio Digital Link 3
Have you considered the Bel Canto Dac3 used? They are usually available for about $1300. Otherwise, I would choose the Music hall 25.2.