speakers to mate with Fisher 500c receiver?

Hello all!
I'm almost ready to get back a vintage Fisher 500c that's being completely restored with Jim McShane supplied parts (power supply and audio path). And at 35 watts per channel I'm anxious to see how it'll sound with my Vandersteen 2ce's (not the most efficient). So this question may be a bit premature, but I'm curious as to what others have driven with a 500c? I have to say I'm intrigued with the Zu Druids and the Gallo 3.1s (only read about both of them), but not sure the Gallos would match well, being more power hungry. Anyone have either of these in the Tucson, AZ, vicinity? Would love to thear them for myself. And of course I'm interested in anything else that might be a good match. Thanks for any advice. BTW, I play mostly digital through an Eastern Electric Minimax tube output CDP.
The Vandersteen won't be a good match. They will play but not with alot of volume and control. The bass will be flabby.
Good speaker and lovely vintage receiver but not an ideal match.

Reference 3A "MM DeCapo", you can find a used pair for about $1200.00 or so depending on age. Good Luck!
I used to have the Fisher 500b and mate it with Klipsch Heresy II..Deep bass...but sold both and upgrade to Mc.
I use B&W cdm 1nts with my 400, soundstage/air is very good in a 12x18 room although a subwoofer would help.
Living Voice Auditorium works excellent with vintage amplfiers. I used a Scott LK150 and Dynaco MKIII 60 watt monos and the the sound was fabulous. Highly recommended.