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looking for a stand mount speaker to match a s/s int amp.
So far my friend lend me his extra speaker that not in useĀ  in his system. It is a Dynaudio Audience 72 connected to my sytem right now, Sounds very good but on a high volume which good enough for me, for now I have plenty of time to visit near au... 
looking for a stand mount speaker to match a s/s int amp.
I will not replace the classe amp, instead add a tube integrated to my system.But one pair of speaker ,time to time listen with a tube or s/s amp. 
looking for a stand mount speaker to match a s/s int amp.
First of all I listened a lot soft rock and jazz.Tube integrated amp purchase after speaker. I never heard any one of them yet. Thru reading reviews only.You guys are right, I should go audition especially the Nola Boxer 2.Yes ,I will go to... 
ARONOV LS-9100 ..How realible is this tube amp ?
Since the trade I am seeking for this amp is off.The guy who is one of A'gon member said his Aronov LS-9100 is rare and hard to find and he will regret trading it.Anyway I decided to get Aronov LS-9601 in the near future that will easily drive my ... 
ARONOV LS-9100 ..How realible is this tube amp ?
Thomsonkneeland /Listener57.Both of you owned Aronov LS-9601...and Sturgus have LS-9100...There are more audiophile choose the integrated one .why? How much is LS-9100 the lo/high used market priced at this time...any idea?Anyway If I decide to ta... 
ARONOV LS-9100 ..How realible is this tube amp ?
Btw, what is the input impedance of the Sl-9100.My Lector Zoe pre-amp's output impedance is 250ohm...hopefully it will match.Thanks.pescolar 
Jackson 648 tube testers
I have 2 ...actually 3 testers.They are good enough to test those tubes mentioned above. As long as your 648 is calibrated.I checked and tested all of my tubes with my Jackson 648A.Hope this help.pescolar 
ARONOV LS-9100 ..How realible is this tube amp ?
SturgusSince you heard them driving the VR-4 then my VR-2 can be a good match too.Should I trade my vintage s/s Threshold 4000.Btw, are the SL-9100 is a class A amp?Thanks,pescolar 
LECTOR ZOE pre A'gon owners /Tube rolling:
A while ago I was using Sovtek 6922 and it was good enough..2 hours ago I did replaced it with Amperex PQ 7308 w/ gold pin. I heard it will take a while before it will settle and sing in my Zoe.So far in a 2 hours range I don't hear the difference... 
I have PL3 (sold) mate with PL6 monoblock (currently for sale ) driving my Dahlquist DQ-10 ( power hungry ) and the result is much impressive..I wish I can keep it but kids needs extra $$ for school.When time comes again...I will definitely buy " ... 
Class A amplifiers - which are considered the best
If we included a classic class A amp in the 80's/90's.. ***** THRESHOLD 4000 ***** 200 WATTS CLASS A 
Rogers Studio 1A Speaker...How good ?
A friend of my friend have one> No grill and was destroy long time ago,but both cabinet are in good shape ( some few scratches ) and except the other tweeter has a dimple but works well and the rest of the drivers in great shape.How much should... 
Is blending power tube brands recommended?
I had a 500b model and used the original Fisher branded 7591....if there is a " DIAMOND " logo on d tubes..then it's a diamond sound !! " Telefunken "!!Btw keep your EH tubes for back up.Enjoy the music. 
which preamp for my cary slam-100 mono's?
I used to have SLM-100 with Cary SLP-98..CARY SLP-98...VERY MUSICAL .I did tweaked with a 6ns7 tubes and found out1 pr. sylvania gtb in the back.1 pr. of russian 6N8S ( metal base w/ 1578 stamp)in the's heaven!!! 
Best Tube Pre-amp to match THRESHOLD 4000 S/S amp
Finally completed the system for now.I ended up getting a Von Schwekeirt VR-2 floor stander in maple cabinet.Now I am trying to adjust the placement of the speaker.My room size is 13'L x 15' w x 8 'H.Speaker back wall is about 29" and to side wall...