Spectral SDR-3000

I'm interested in getting a Spectral SDR-3000 transport to pair with my MSB Analog dac.
Has anyone heard this combo before?
Regarding servicing, does Spectral still service this unit these days in case anything happens?
Lastly, do I need to use a MIT coaxial cable? I heard Spectral components are usually paired with MIT to avoid damage but wasn't sure whether that only pertained to their amps and preamps or does that apply to their digital components as well.

Thanks in advance!
I test listened to the new Spectral cd player 3 weeks ago with my pc and interconnect (Shunyata Sigma digital and Shunyata Aurora) and the recommended M.I.T. pc and Spectral ic in a system with VTL electronics and Wilson Sasha 2s. Much to my surprise and chagrin, the Spectral ic made a significant difference, the M.I.T. pc made a difference but less so.
The concept that Spectral voices every inch of the chain form outlet to amp is real and true even if the chain ends at at non Spectral preamp. I cannot answer the balance of your question.
Oh yea-- I ordered the Spectral cd player, the M.I.T pc and the Spectral ic.
@gpgr4blu wow I assume you are referring to the new " SV" CD player ? Also what MIT /Spectral cables did you end up getting?
Thanks fellas.yes. I am referring to the SV cd layer. The pc is the M.I.T. Magnum ac2. The IC is the Spectral UL350 Ultralinear III. While I don't believe this pc and IC would be synergistic with any other digital product, they both  made a difference  with the Spectral. Someday, I'll get around to posting the system on the Virtual Systems page.
Thanks for your comment gpgr4blu and congrats on your purchase! What a fantastic player (from what I read). 
Keep me posted as you guys massage these cd players into your systems.

Happy Listening!
I ordered it on January 20 and was told 6 to 8 weeks to delivery. I'll report after I receive it and break it in.
gpgr4blu.. Joyful listening. I'm sure it will be simply thrilling. Cheers(with more than a little envy*)

* naturally
I was able to locate and buy an SDR-3000. Took me a while to find one for sale. Its an SDR-3000SL which apparently has an upgraded power supply. Received the unit yesterday and hooked it up to my system. Sounds fantastic and everything that I imagined it to be. Will be enjoying this for the long haul. There is a huge difference between the Spectral and my old transport, the Sony XA7ES. The Spectral has a much wider soundstage, more separation and greater depth....just fantastic and couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Paired with the MSB Analog dac, it is musical bliss!
I’m interested in getting a Spectral SDR-3000 transport to pair with my MSB Analog dac.
Has anyone heard this combo before?
Spectral SDR-3000 uses a VRDS CMK-2 mech. with KSS-151A Sony laser, be very careful that the laser is 100% as these KSS-151A’s are getting rare as rocking horse s**t to find new, and will cost an arm and a leg if you do find one.
You can just get the laser diode for them, but to fit it so it's perfect, is hit and miss, and very fiddly.

Cheers George
Thank you for the info George. I did call Spectral prior to purchasing this unit and they provide servicing for it as well as all their legacy products. That's one reason I went ahead and bought it. Nice to know they support their products no matter how old they are!

Glad to hear it jzzmn88. I anxiously await my Spectral cdp which is due at my dealer within the week or so. Have a feeling I'll be very happy too.
gpgr4blu, did you receive your Spectral cdp yet? Very curious on your impressions.
Thanks for your interest jzzmn88. Today is 8 weeks from the order date but I have still not received the call. Hopefully in the next few days. I promise to report back as soon as it arrives. 
I was told today that the cdp is not due in for another 2 to 4 weeks. Oh well.
I received my Spectral SDR4000SV processor last week together with MIT pc and Spectral (made by MIT) interconnects which are connected to my ARC Ref 40 pre and Ref 150 amp with KT 150s. I used to use a BelCanto PL-1 universal cd player for redbook which I will keep for SACD and DVD-a. But as for the redbook sound---well it's already the best I've heard and the cables are not fully broken in yet. The transparency and dimensionality are amazing while still retaining musicality. While I've never had the DCS stack in my system, I have never been taken by the sound in any high end system in which I've heard it--(more than I can count). I have had the esoteric K-01 in my system and have had long listening sessions with the MSB stack which is probably my second favorite. But nothing compares IMHO as a one box redbook player. It is amazing how good redbook can be. Of course I realize that some say CD is dead and hard drive storage and streaming are the way to go now and in the future. Well, maybe one day I'll chiuck my 1,000+ cds and join---but for now I am one very happy dinosaur.
Good to read about Spectral providing parts/service for their products- jzzmn88.  Happy Listening!