Spectron amps-biwire=Remote sense+other cables?

I have already received information from Simon at Spectron that you can run a pair of the Remote Sense cables and another set of cables simultaneously for bi-wire speakers. My question is... has anyone done this? What were your impressions of this configuration.The idea sounds good to me,but how did it sound to you? This will be using the Musician 111 amp.
I have Gallo 3.1 speakers with a SA amp. I am using Remote Sense cables from the Specton amp to the SA amp, with regular speaker calbles to the speakers, and Elrod speaker cables to the main posts on the 3.1's. Works fine for me.
I am not entirely clear on your specific set up question but I use two pairs of speaker cables per mono spectron on my Von Schweikerts, one pair running from the remote sense outs on the amp driving the bass modules, one other pair of cables per amp feeding the M/T modules. Works great. I've used two runs of other cables, not employing the remote sense cable connection, and this sounds good but not as good, though I am not comparing identical cables in this scenario. I suppose the real issue for you is if you can hear a difference between one pair of cables (remote sense or not) with jumpers, or if it's better to use two pairs, but I've not tested that arrangement.
hi, my system is set up exactly as Oscarr44. I have Von Schweikert speakers with remote sense into the bass, purist audio Elementa advance in the midrange/upper. For me, the sound is excellent but I have not tried it with bi-wired cables and do not see any benefit if you already 2 good sets of cable.