spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?

I a considering splashing north of 5000 (euro) for a new source for my rig (MOOON 340i, OPERA QUINTA speaker, McIntosh SACD, Node2). Better to spend more for the DAC or the streamer ? I was thinking about a Schitt yggrasil.Or would it make sense to spalsh on a more expensive DAC and use the Node2 as a streamer, or, for that matter, stream from my Macbook Pro. Regards.
I have Teac NT505 14 months, I love about Teac give me option to run 2 difference system, you can switch output between RCA or XLR. Last week I got the deal from Teac outlet for Teac CG-10M Master Clock Generator, the combo make big difference. 
Ayre QX-8 does both and is far better sound quality than others at this level!
server 100%. i recently got a taiko extreme and wrote specifically about this server vs. dac stuff in my thread on whatsbest. this is the thread itself: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/living-at-the-extreme-i-bought-a-taiko-extreme-and-then-this-...

ive had a couple servers leading up to this and as a computer scientist/data scientist i was skeptical on any differences that would show up in 1's and 0's but the extreme, to my ears, is an even bigger upgrade than my amp. however, it's like an mbl101e extreme: it's great but hard to rec due to the sheer cost.

you're asking about different servers and streamers so maybe my experience with the extreme and rockna wavedream net and metrum ambre may offer some comparison points. i don't check agon forums often but i'm happy to answer questions. i don't get email notifications which is why i forget to hop by here. feel free to dm me too if that's easier

Thanks for your post. May I know what DAC you are currently using with Taiko Extreme?