Spending a month's salary

I don't have much experience as an audiophile. Based on my research, the bulk of spend should be on fine speakers. I have $20k to invest in either a superior AMP, DAC or pair of speakers. What to do?

My room is on the smaller side, listening position is about 7-8ft from the speakers. I suppose bookshelf speakers are appropriate. Right side speaker is very close to side wall <1ft. Left side is open to 6-8ft. Back wall is about 10 ft from listening position. Speakers sit about 3ft from front wall.

My current setup:

Revel 106 speakers

Parasound P6 pre and A21+ amp

Node 130 streamer w/ upgraded Teddy PS

AQ cable loom.

I prefer bookshelfs given my room. Separates are ideal, though I would like to consider an all in one like a Boulder 866.

Which component is most important. I'm not looking to have an unbalanced system. Eg. $15k speakers and a $500 DAC.

Appreciate any insight.



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@tee_dee  I'll just throw this in as food for thought. Look at a used Hegel H590 for a terrific integrated amp with a world class DAC. Money raised by selling the Parasound equipment means not a huge whole in your budget. Then in the used market again for a pair of Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mark ll speakers. You should be able to do the whole system with some money left over. It just a thought, but will give you a great sounding system.

Thanks for the replies. 

@vonhelmholtz $20 is the budget. I haven’t accounted for any cash raised from selling my current set up. 

I’m happy with the amp but I know that balancing the level of components is important.  It wouldn’t be wise to buy $20k speakers and power it with a low/mid range amp and pre. 

I stream so no vinyl here. 

First of all (please don’t take offense) refer to your speakers as "standmounts" not "bookshelfs" its not 1983! Have you demoed the Boulder 866? The mentioned Hegel could be a sideways move when compared to your current Parasound separates. Have you considered the newer Parasound JC 5 power amp? Keep your P6 preamp then upgrade your DAC/Speakers.