Focal Kanta NO.3 Speakers Spending More Doesn't Matter !

The Focal Kanta N0.3 is the sweet-spot in Focal's whole line !

I thought you found your be-all, end-all speaker last week.

And now this.

Whatever next?
Checkout the Spatial Audio, X3, and X5 Open baffle speakers 
they compete very well with speakers selling at at least 2x their price ,
and a great minimalist 1st order Xover , 2 capacitors, 1 inductor  with the VH audio Odam capacitor upgrade is special and No Xover in the critical midrange 
the Superb Beyma AMT tweeter runs from around 1 khz to over 30 khz 
and 12 inch midBass driver , and built in powered sub from 90 Hz to under 25 Hz .
Kanta 3 was a great audio buy when first launched at $12k because it was only $2k more than Kanta 2.  But after Focal found it necessary to jack up their prices by 25%, not such a compelling option any more.
Interesting post OP. My dealer just got in some Sopra 2s and said they are not worth $10k more than my Kanta 3s in regards to sound quality. 
With the massive price increase Focal seems to think their speakers warrant, they'll need all the publicity they can get. I'm personally looking for another brand for my next speaker. 
I brought the kanta 3 home for awhile. I like their looks and the upper mid and treble was pretty special, but I couldn't get much bass from them so they went back. I need speakers to reach 50 hz b4 rolling off because I don't use subs and the kanta 3 didn't have it.

would you consider adding subs? I have 4 REL S510s with my Kanta 3s and they sound superb together. 
Very interesting, and sold locally. An audition is in order.
$12k seems reasonable. 
The No.2 is also on “deep discounts”. Anyone have a sense of the differences?
If you like subs I guess it would open the door to a lot more speakers than otherwise, personally Love my 2 channel sans subs.
If I was going Focal, I would work hard to make into the Sopra line.  They seem better balanced to my ears.
Problem is the Sopras are so ugly. The Electras are more classic and traditionally beautiful in my opinion. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one.