Spendor 2/3r2 vs. Harbeth 7es3

I'm in the market for new speakers and narrowed it down to either the Spendor 2/3r2 or Harbeth 7es3. I like both a lot and looking for fans or detractors of each. To me, they're somewhat similar but have some different merits: beautiful mid-range and sweet highs, but the Spendor is livelier with bass -- if a little uncontrolled -- and the Harbeth has more balance throughout the spectrum but a little more polite.

I listen to mainly rock, reggae, world, electronic, funk/soul and jazz, and my listening space is 13' w x 25' d x 10' h. I have a REL sub but would rather not rely on it too much. The rest of my system is a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum int. amp/Rogue Ares phono and mainly listen to vinyl with an Audio Note TT1/AN IQ3.

If you have opinions please let me know.
I should clarify that I'm looking for feedback from people who own or have had experience with either or compared the two side by side. I was only able to hear them on separate occasions and with different electronics feeding them.
I'm slightly surprised by your conclusion because I don't think the C7ES3 is a polite speaker. Of all the Harbeth designs it is the most forward; along with the P3ESR it is a bit more explicit in the presence region than the M30.1 or SHL5. I'm afraid I've not heard it directly against the Spendor but when I've heard the SP2/3R2 I've felt it is a good speaker but not as fast as the Harbeth. However like many people passing internet judgements, I can't be trusting without having made that elusive side by side comparison.
Thank you -RW- !

Pricing is on the front page of the website, $5495 pair

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Yes, agree that the C7ES3 is more forward than the other Harbeth models. I can also see that the Spendor 2/3r2 is slightly less even or slower in the upper-bass/lower mids. But the Spendor also seems to do rock and reggae with more impact and feeling, IMO -- at least that's how I felt when auditioning them. But to your point, I do have a slight feeling I could get annoyed by this slowness or slight inarticulateness in the long run, particularly coming off of using some really quick monitors, like the Sonics Anima I'm currently using.