Spendor S 100 & cables

I have a pair of Spendor S 100 and Audio research VT 100 as ampli.
What type of cables do you recommend???
Thanks for answer
I have 2 pairs myself. I use Cardas Golden Reference speaker with 2 sets of Cardas jumpers, get one with bananas, makes hookup easier.I use VDH The first Ultimate ICs , except digital, which is Transparent Reference. I just had one pair rewired with Cardas and Homegrown Audio wire and a big improvement. Going to change the binding posts when I get the time, got some from Madisound. I am using Skylan stands with the spikes replaced by Star Sound brass ones. Big improvement there. I had two friends over, one is waiting delivery of his Sashas and the other another expensive speaker system so their standards are high. They were impressed with the way the system sounds now. I have had the speakers for years and am constantly impressed on how much you can improve them by better amps, cables , stands, etc. Email me if you want to share experiences.