Spica TC-50 Owners out there?

I have owned a lot of very expensive speakers that come and go but,

I've always enjoy listening to my Spica TC-50's. I did some research
on the internet and found out that there is really no known
replacement woofer for the TC-50. I know that sooner or later the
woofer will come to its end(nothing last forever). Knowing this, I
always take precautions and have to pay attention all the time, like
turning on and off my system in the right order to make sure it
doesn't make a popping sound that can blow out the drivers. I also
don't listen at loud levels for the same reason. This takes out some

of the enjoyment listening to my Spicas. My question to fellow TC-50
owners out there -- How often do you listen to your TC-50? How loud? and
have any blown a woofer yet?

BTW. This is for TC-50 only no TC-60. The TC-60 is newer and uses different drivers.
I have Spica TC-50 speakers and Kinergetics Research Model SW-200 subs. I rarely use them but I can't seem to part with them either. I had the subwoofers and bought the 50's for a 2nd system. The 50's bass drivers are stained and discolored but that has no affect on there performance. When I do use them, I drive them with a Jolida 1000 tube (EL-34's) integrated amp.

This tread has reminded me just how good they sound and they will dusted off this weekend.
Royy: I have about 10 pairs of speakers to play with (not all super high end), but my major players at this point are:
1. Chario Academy 1
2. Ensemble Animata
3. Rega R-1
4. Snell E-IV
5. AR-11

Spica better than the AR-11 in imaging/soundstage, better a little than Snell as well but those two provide things Spica's can't do. Ensemble and Chario way ahead of Spica in refinement and transparency.
Vegasears: with that tube amp and the Kinergistic subs they must sound just right.. that is the right combo.