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Phono Amp for new Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3
Also anyone with the new Planar 10 have an opinion replacing the felt mat??I am perplexed with all the choices. I had good (I think) experience with the old ringmat but... 
Phono Amp for new Rega Planar 10 with Apheta 3
Hello all,I just started using my new Planar 10 with the Aphelion cart. I have about 25-30 hrs. on it and LOVE it. It replaced a "supermodded" P-9 with ET air bearing arm that is currently 'kaput' due to clear audio cart broken and sitting on a sh... 
Bose 901's with "highend ancillaries"??
I've heard them as the pro 801's a few times and they do "OK".. I always thought if you could use it as a mid component, cross over to a bass bin at 180 or so, and crossover to a tweeter like the JBL glass job at 6500, you might have a decent pa s... 
a couple subwoofer questions
I replaced the fuse on my REL R-528 with a high end fuse, with no audible change that I could Identify. Changing the power cord however yielded very audible improvements. Also placing 4 VPI "Bricks" on the top with some blue tac and other dampning... 
Analogue Productions Duke Ellington's Masterpieces
But on the Duke, many of the LP pressings I have are just like your experience.. breathtaking. I love the MFSL Duke and Armstrong LP 
Analogue Productions Duke Ellington's Masterpieces
Yeah I'm gonna upgrade my Clear Audio DaVinci for a good Pickering MM... 
What to pair with stacked Large Advents
I personally wouldn't add a pair of 'rear' speakers. I don't think the Luxamn could handle it, it would take away from the power needed to push the stacks. I had fun refurbishing two pairs of Advents myself, the stacked pairs can sound almost conc... 
Rock and roll speakers?
Find two pair of late 70's "Large Advents" and stack them. You can re-cap them, re-wire them, re-terminal them, tweek them, and you will not have spent alot of money. If going the JBL route, go for the L-150, L-112 or later 4312 series and turn do... 
Do you use a wool record mat? Do you upgrade?
Have you tried the Ringmat with the rega? It was better on my P-3 and P-9 than the stock felt or an audioquest sorbothane mat 
What is the answer?
Happyness, Is a warm gun 
What is the answer?
The Walrus was Paul.. 
Help me improve Rega P2
Try some different turntable mats.. I replaced my original felt mat with an Audioquest Sorbethane mat, this was back around 1991 and it was an immediate improvement.. I think the paper and cork mat from Ringmat... this is an audible improvement ov... 
use only bass in 3 way speaker?
well I did something like that for fun about a decade ago, I just rotated the two alps pots in my JBL L-166 Horizons to zero so that just the woofer was playing.. faced it backwards.. and plopped my Spica's on top facing forwards.. it was an exper... 
quality of rega saturn player
I have an original Rega Saturn and think it is very good for the money. I have thought about going "upwards" and moving the saturn to my other system but I have no idea what I could find that has the same analog "magic" the saturn has. 
speakers for listener with Tinnitus