Splayed walls & ceiling in Cardas G.R. Room ?

Trying to decide if i should splay the walls and ceiling in a proposed Cardas Golden Ratio dimensioned listening room presently in the planning stages. The room will be approx. 17W x 27.6L x 10.5H. George (Cardas) strongly recommends splaying the walls 1 foot, i.e. 16ft. at speaker end and 17ft. at listening end and ceiling height would be 9.88 ft. at speaker end and 10.50 ft. at listening end. I am willing to build the room to these "splayed" dimensions, and agree with the acoustical benefits of doing so, but in the future the room may be converted into a bedroom and bath for resale purposes. The splayed walls and ceiling will make the bedroom conversion a bit tricky, but doable. I could easily coffer the ceiling in various ways, but the splaying of the side walls will only work for listening room purposes. George does say that it will be hard to see a 1 ft. change over a 27.6 ft. length.

Anyway- I'm wondering if there is a viable alternative to splaying the walls- acoustic treatments- that would yield sonic results close to that of a room with splayed walls and ceiling. What do you guys think?
It would be a pain to tearout at resale time no doubt unless you or a close friend is a carpenter.Maybe acoustically treating it would be easier?Sure are nice dimensions,going to sound great,good luck