Spliting TaraLabs Bi-wire Cables to Use Two Posts

I just purchased TaraLabs bi-wire speaker cables that have common plugs on the amp end, so as to use just one set of amp speaker posts. They do not sound any better than my old monster cables that were just two seperate wires each coming from their own seperate post on the amp.

I'm thinking the TaraLabs wires being joined at one end may be an issue and was considering cutting of the spade plugs and separating the wires to add a set of plugs so I can use both amp post. Seems crazy to do this on new $1300 cables but having two sets of posts on my KSA-250 I feel I should use them. What ya think?
I would strongly recommend calling Tara labs, The good news is, If you are not happy with the model you have, They will give you your money back, or you may ask for a model they recommend for your particular electronics, other wise, you do anything to the cable, your life-time warranty is voided for ever, good luck.
BTW, How many hours of play time do you have?, If you do not have atleast 300 hours min, you do not have burned-in cables, cheers.
It won't make a difference. You have internal bi-wire. Return the cable before you ruin it and either buy 4 lengths of the same cable or keep what you have.
The only reason I can envision for why there might be a difference between having the two runs connected together at the amp end within the cable vs. within the amp (between the two sets of binding posts) are possible differences in contact integrity. If you are confident that the contacts on the new cables and on the amp connectors you are using are clean and making good contact, as Stereo5 indicated I would not expect separating the wires to make any difference.

And if for some reason it were to make a difference, I see no reason to expect it to necessarily be for the better.

-- Al
If you don't hear a difference, you just saved yourself $1300! Return the cables.