Spotify for classical music lovers

I listen to mostly Classical music.  I’m new to the world of streaming and find it amazing that almost any classical recording extant is available in near CD quality sound with just a touch on a tablet.  Spotify seems to have it all for only a $5 or $6 fee a month without interruptions.
Anyone who hasn’t discovered this avalability should look into it.
 It’s truly fantastic.
I use Primephonic.  The sound is better than CD(24 bit actually) streaming from my iPhone into the tape inputs on my amp. I can also use Audacity to record what I am listening to on my MBP and then put it on CD’s.  Its rare that they don’t have something I want, and their 20th century stuff has increased dramatically.  
I have Tidal and Qobuz integrated under Roon. Qobuz seems to have more high resolution recordings than Tidal. I pay for the highest resolution on both.

My dream is to have the Naxos Music Library integrated with Roon as a third streaming option, lossless, of course.
You could skip the subscription part with Joyoshare Desktop Audio Recorder. Plus a lot more formats selection, and  audio editing.
I also use a desktop stream recorder called Sound Tap and can say that listening to the recodings it makes I cannot hear any difference from the stream and the recording it makes.
My favorite song is Lose You to Love Me from Selena Gomez. It is a breakup song, so sad to inspire her fans. Now you can download Selena Gomez songs MP3 free on Spotify with using a powerful Spotify music converter to convert the protected music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B, etc at faster speed with zero loss quality. You can download and play Spotify offline on any player or device.