Sprung, Unsprung, or Mass Loaded Turntables?

Or put another way....Avid Diva, VPI Scoutmaster, or the soon to be released Galibier Serac (by the way, does anyone know when this turntable is going to be release????).

All of the above turntables can be purchased new or used under $3000. Which would you choose and why? I've read that sprung tables generally do a better job with midrange and imaging while unsprung tables and mass loaded tables (a variation of the Unsprung concept) have a tighter sound with perhaps a better bass response.

I'm planning on purchasing either the Shelter 501 Mk II or the Zyx R100H for the cartridge. Phono stage is the PS Audio GCPH.

I would appreciate your comments/suggestions.
A good table should rotate the platter without variation in speed and should manage the unhelpful vibrational energy (in the tonearm and through the LP and platter) and sink them away to (mechanical) ground. Also, it should isolate the record/stylus interface from acoustic feedback from your speakers through the air and from the floor of your room.

The Serac will do particularly well at these through its massy base, oversize bearing and dc motor with mylar tape drive. The mylar drive is advantageous because it doesn't stretch and act like a spring in the way that rubber belts do. The result is pitch stability and better transient attack. The price to pay is a little bit of futzing around setting up the tension when you first install the table.

All of the suspended tables I have heard impart some coloration and lose resolution. They don't do bass extension so well either. To my ears the SMEs and Avids sound mechanical and lack in subtlety compared to a Galibier. Remember also that suspended tables restrict your choice of tonearm.

As to availability, I would guess the Serac is imminent. I know that Thom is distracted for about 10 days with some professional development but my guess is that the Serac will be along pretty soon after that