SQ Differences Between Aries Variants

Auralic has the Aries, Aries LE and Aries Mini streamers.  Assuming each is being with the associated power supplies (i.e. linear for the Aries, included walwart for the other two), and output to a USB DAC (in my case with a Uptone Regen immediately prior), can anyone comment on the sound quality differences between these three units.  They vary widely in price and am wondering if its worth it to spring for anything other than the mini, since it would only be used as a streamer with the USB sugnal "cleaned" up with the inexpensive Regen unit.  I'm currently using a SB Touch and would like to upgrade so that I can take advantage of the improved USB output as well as Roon.  Thanks for your input.
I think that using tweaky things like the Regen after a digital source is a joke personally... Get the Aries LE at least, and you won't need a Regen anymore. Fix the real problem.