SQ Touch without network

I' m working out of the US for the next 6 mos and am running my SQ Touch into AE2 powered speakers, with my music on a tiny portable hàrd drive that holds 1 terra. Nice sound, very portable, but the after playing for awhile the touch switches off and seems to look for a wifi network. Don'T have one or need one to run it this way. But there must be something I need to do so it stops a disconnecting to look for wifi. Can't seem to get this figured. Help please .......
Has anyone been able to run a Squeezebox Touch using music stored on a portable hard drive, without internet? What the trick?
i had hoped to do exactly the same thing (connect the sbt directly to a large {500g} hd)--after much frustration logitech advised that the sbt wasn't designed to be used with a large cache of music files unless connected to a computer, though it doesn't have trouble with smaller drives (e.g. a 16g flash drive). probably the best you can do w/o a computer is to put your music files on smaller drives