SR Tesla Apex vs MIT Oracle V2.2 speaker cables

I am using SR Tesla Apex cables - both sc and ic. Really love the dynamic, punch, smooth, organic and natural sounds of the cables. However, last week I had another pair of MIT Oracle V2.2 speaker cables and compared them one to another.

Well, in the UK, SR Tesla Apex is listed nearly 7k british pounds for 10ft whilst the MIT Oracle V2.2 is listed for nearly 13.5k gbp @_@. At this price point, many people expect the MIT cables should bring much more benefits to the system than the SR. However, my experience is very interesting; I also asked some audiophile friends come to my place and listen to both cables, results are same to mine.

Everybody agreed that in my system, the SR Tesla Apex sounds better than the MIT Oracle V2.2 regardless of their retail prices. No doubt the MIT cables sound superb with extremely wide bandwidth, bass goes deeper and sound-stage is wider than the SR. But the MIT has too much trebles which interfere to the overall performance and puss the midrange back a bit. In addition, although the V2.2 has deeper bass but to my ears and friends', it lacks definition and punch in the bass where the SR is doing extremely well.

From the very first notes, everyone can notice the differences between the cables and prefer the SR over the MIT. The SR sounds more organic, smoother, more punch and dynamic, more involving and natural, and it is more neutral than the MIT in my system. Both MIT and SR are very very clean, cannot judge which one is better.

The above is just my experience with 2 pair of speaker cables, one is in the ultra high-end league compared to the other. I am still using my SR Tesla Apex and very happy with the cables :). I was looking for the MIT before but could not find a pair in the s/h ex-demo market then I went for the SR cables. But now, when I have a chance to bring the MIT home and compare directly to my current SR cables, so no regret when I stick with the SR. The MIT cables are boxed and ready to ship to my friend's place tomorrow, might get them back again one day in the future when I change house, speakers and my system.

Any comment or same experience?
The SR Apex sounded unnatural to me when I had a loom of it.

To much hype going on with it so down the road it went.

Good to know how the MIT did so I can stay away from it.
too much money and system matching is difficult so the MIT cables are not worth that money I believe

I also have nordost Valhalla cables and now keeping them in boxes. To be honest, I don't believe in what people told about Valhalla cables until I had a chance bringing them home and try with my system, compared directly with my Tesla Apex cables. The Valhalla sounds nice, very nice indeed but cannot explain why I prefer the Tesla Apex over the Valhalla.

Please don't make me wrong that I judge which one is better, all of my experience is I prefer the Tesla Apex in my system rather than many very expensive cables. The results might be reversed or changed in different systems where owners love the MIT and Valhalla over the SR.

There is nothing here, just my experience and want to share. I have not heard high-end Purist, Siltech cables so not sure how they sound compared to the Tesla Apex. I used many Kimber cables before and really love them. But the 3038 is extremely expensive here in the UK and cannot find a pair in the s/h market. so now I am happy with the Tesla Apex :)!
You are the best judge of what you hear and what you like best. Be happy and go with it!
I tried v1.2 in my system and also noticed this brightness. Must be a common trait with dot two series cables.
i have also noticed brightness with upper end MIT's, haven't tried dot series but owned the V3 speaker cable. Have had 350 SG EVO and 350 reference IC's for many years and they have that same trait.

The sweet spot in that line I always thought was 330 shotgun, it always snapped the soundstage into focus and had a more organic midrange than the higher marques, at least in my systems.
today I have talked to a friend and he said the MIT v2.2 sounds brilliant with this MBL 101e mk2 speakers. I thought with the MBL's and MIT cables, the sounds should be harsh and edgy, surely bright but this is what he told me when he used the MIT Oracle V2.2 with his system. Finally he decided to use bi-wired with HGA Ultra Silence Mk2 for the high and MIT for the low, sound superb as he said. any experience with great results from the MIT cables?
Sonrock, do you remember whick Kimber Kable SC you previously owned and could you give me assessment on them if you will. I am thinking about upgrading my Acoustic Zen Satori's. Thanks
hi Zig, I used 8tc, monocle X and KS3035. I love them all and they were perfectly matched with my system at the time I used Kimber. To my ears, they sound warm, punch and truly sweet. In the future if I can find a pair of KS 3038 with great offer I think I will go for that. I also used many Kimber interconnect and the final one I used 2 pairs of KS1036, great great cables. But I need to clarify that system matching is also very important, in many cases KK sounds great, but in some cases owners say they are crap. But for me, KK is one of the best out there :-)