SSM w/Rim Drive - Cloud 11 Vibration issues?

I was wondering if any other members have run into a vibration problem. I upgraded my SSM with the Rim Drive. I also use the the Cloud 11 vibration control system. The Rim Drive is creating vibration to the 11 platform. This creates a slight wobble to the tone arm. VPI was extremely helpful and they are sending new motor mount feet. They aren't sure that this will fix the problem. But they state that the new feet will give a little to the vibration control. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what coarse of action did you take to compensate? Thank you in advance for your input!
Absolutely, you can contact Mike, however, to put your mind at ease, I had some motor noise when I first installed the rim drive, but it's now gone. I really can't remember, but I think it went away about the same time as I used the softer footers.
I actually ordered the SSM with rim drive and a cloud from music direct last week. should I tell them to hold off on the cloud and just use the 2 pieces of 14x18 granite i'm currently using under my linn that are sandwiched between a piece of mdf and which are both sitting atop my billy bags pro 35 turntable stand or should I set it up differently when it arrives?

I like the Cloud products in many respects and I doubt there's a better guy in the audio industry than Vinh. However, I'm afraid there may be to much movement of the plinth-platter assembly when using the rim drive on these pieces. I didn't even try it with my 2 pieced unit. A one piece may work better but, based on Zenieth's experience, I doubt it's optimal. You could try it if Music Direct is willing to take a return. Something more solid like your granite is probably better(more solid isolation like Silent Running Audio, Critical Mass, Symposium, or even maple are other options) It seems like you need slight play in the motor housing but not the plinth(soft footers and in the future softer drive belt).
Once you get this thing set up and running you will enjoy it thoroughly. Have fun.
I just took delivery of a medium size Cloud 11 for my SSM with Rim Drive. It replaced a standard size version which was fine for the flywheel edition of the SSM. I've experienced absolutely no speed variations (piano/cello) or vibrations as noted in the above posts. I (and Vinh Vu) agree that the two piece version is not suitable for the latest SSM due to the resistive nature of the rim/platter relationship.

My Cloud 11 sits on a 2" maple platform supported by 2" brass cones, resting in a maple rack. What I did do differently was to place the Gingko balls in 9 of the 10 pockets available on the base. I left only the one slot open - the middle row to the left of the far right edge. This is a massive unit and the five balls supplied as standard just won't support the top piece properly. Vinh is now going to start supplying 9 balls for this revised SSM configuration, and I would suggest trying it with any SSM version which has the Super Platter installed.

Finally, Gingko is now producing a ClaraVu dustcover for this combination which has proper openings in the rear and proper height (to accomodate 10.5i and it's Nordost wiring) for the latest and greatest SSM configuration.

Three last notes: 1) Harry, please give us at least six months to recover from your latest upgrades!; 2) my SSM has the HRX footers and standard footers for the motor assembly; 3) I agree with the poster who suggested having the rim barely touching the platter - you'll experience a delay in the rotation of the platter when set properly.
Vinh Vu of Gingko Audio here.
To accommodate the new Rim Drive, we are offering a 1-piece Medium Cloud 11 that would work with it, as Cmaronmurphy atested here. We also offer a matching SST table top cover to fit perfectly on the Cloud.
Those who have the 2-piece Cloud designed for the original SSM and wish to trade it in for the 1-piece Cloud, please contact us through our website.