stacked equipment isolation?

hello. due to space restrictions i need to stack my dvdp and my int. amp. it is mid-fi at best but i want to hit all the points(power, vibration, acoustics) within my system before beginning the next wave of component upgrades. might anyone have suggestions on what to put in between each component? lets try and keep it between the posts, i.e. vibraplane and dayton cones. i was thinking maybe cardas cuboids. thanks, d.
Hope your fireplace isn't one of those remote control gas jobs (like mine :). In all seriousness I had a similar problem in my second system, well really my wife's system. I opted for the isonodes. One of the other things you'll need to be careful with is heat dissipation. If your digital cable box is a Motorola it likely generates a ridiculous amount of heat.

ha! no, no remote, it is an old condo apt. fireplace, unused. it is the motorola, i have it on top of everything. it does get hot!
I can't claim to be any kind of an expert and I've never heard the dramatic differences that vibration control can supposedly make but I've found that floating my components on bicycle inner tubes (and placing books on top if there aren't vents that would be blocked) seems to do a good job of isolation. If there are synergystic effects of adding vibrations at tuned frequencies, this would not help but if what you are looking for is the elimination of nasty coupling, this is a very cost effective way to proceed.