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klipschorn modifications
Regarding the Beyma CP25 drop in, it looks like that tweeter is much larger than the one in the Klipschorn. Do you mean replace the compression driver and leave the horn structure in place or do you have to place the driver and horn outside of the... 
Why do my transformers hum sometimes?
Thanks for the responses guys. It sounds like I'm just going to have to live with it since any real solution would break my bank. 
Klipschorn: Still relevant??
IMO, you also need a BIG room for Klipschorns. I fell in love with them back in '79 after listening to them in a store with large rooms and high vaulted ceilings. Worked all summer to afford a pair and when I got them home and put them in a normal... 
Led Zeppelin IV vinyl
Regarding the original issue vinyl, how did you find a good sounding one? I remember back in the day being constantly frustrated that the albums sounded like the guy that pressed them was smoking a cigarette and got the ashes all over them. Horrib... 
Your favorite Sheherazade LP ?
I like the Renaissance version. :-) 
Cheap tweaks...What would YOU reccomend?
For anyone using oriental screens:I used an oriental screen at the back of my room to diffuse a nasty flutter echo. I eventually realized that it was resonating at a bunch of different frequencies and creating large peaks in the frequency response... 
Which movie would you most like to see in HD
Apocalypse Now (not Redux)BrazilLOTR 
Cheap DIY FM Antenna
Congratulations for living in an area where FM is still worth listening too. Marketing driven greed has killed the vast majority of them nationwide. 
Did anyone see the Rolling Stone article?
As far as mastering music for crappy playback systems goes, that's been happening since at least the 70's. I remember seeing a rare glimpse of the goings on in a recording studio during a Hall & Oates(?) session. The producer was doing a mixdo... 
What's the deal with the Machina Dynamica Clock?
Murgatroid, the wave radio in conjunction with the cleverly improvised clock will probably yield an audio experience second to none. Don't rush to get into 'serious hi-fi', you're already there. 
Unexpected High-End Retail Experience
Kennyt,I have been there. It's an amazing place! The archetecture, the range of goods, the service, all top notch. I ate lunch there with my family a couple of times and bought an old fashioned coffee grinder. Even thought it was a small purchase,... 
Unexpected High-End Retail Experience
I love that places like Harrod's exist. Especially in this day of big box retailers. I really miss some of the nice departments stores that have been driven under. You pay more at places like these but somehow the item seems much more special. 
What started you on the merry go round?
1976 at a store called LaBelle's. They had a very impressive audio room at the time. There were these refrigerator sized Frazier speakers, a 350 wpc Phase Linear amp and autocorrelation preamp, Kenwood granite based turntable and who knows what ki... 
Amazing James Randi?
Randi should post a Clever Little Clock challenge. I would bet that his million dollars would be safe. 
Room Acoustics
Tiger, you might be referring to a product called Acoustilead. Not really wall paper but sheet lead that I have used to insulate a shared wall in a condo. I put up the Acoustilead using hot glue and then put a layer of 1/4" sheetrock over it. It w...