standby mode

Hello all,


I'm running a BAT VK-600 amplifier and it's going into standby mode and then switching back to on. Yesterday I had it playing music for about 5 hrs before it happened. Today I had it on less than 15 minutes and it did the same thing.


Ive checked rear fuses and the 4 green internal circuit board LED lights are still on. I also am using a different tube preamplifier since first noticing this intermittent problem 6 months ago.... 

Any ideas?

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Does the amp have a setting that puts it into standby if there is a lull in the Music?   I had that problem once with an amp and it turned out there was a switch on the back panel to defeat it. 

I don't believe so stereo5, Thanks for the tip!

The amp does generate a lot of heat

This is most likely a repair job if I can't find a issue with the wall outlet or XLR input cables