Stands Target R2, Atlantis Ref 21 Or.?

Just purchased JM Labs Electra 905's, not sure which stands I should go with. I am considering the Target R2/R6 or Atlantis Reference 21 stands. Any suggestions out there? Looking for a stand that is sand fillable, and very stable. The 905's are 9" wide and 11" deep, weighing in around 25 to 30 lbs. Thanks for any suggestions!

You can't do much better than the Osiris Stands. They list for $479. However, since they are no longer in production, you can get them for $379(?) at Audio Odyssey.
sound anchors are much more robust than target (no longer in production, BTW) or atlantis and can be filled with more stuff. i'd recommend you use a 50/50 combo of lead shot and sand rather than sand alone. more weight and better fill.
Check out the Studio Tech Hifi Series. They are identical to the R series Targets and retail at $349. I just purchased a pair for my ProAc 1sc monitors and have been very satisfied. Good Luck...