starting equiment that ic cold from being shipped

Is it a real thing that you court problems if you turn on an ice cold amplifier or pre-amp without waiting 24 hours for temperature to rise.  I have long awaited Krell FPB and KCT shipping tomorrow,  It's single digits in the Midwet.  Should I wait a full 24 hours for the equipment to warm inside before introducing any electricity into the components?


I have personally been in the same situation, frigid amp, and went one more step

and put it a garbage bag and sealed it and YES waited four days which is when it felt like room temp.

barts hates moisture and electronics agree...




Unless my heat-seeking moisture missile is doing the talkin'...




By the way modern double pane insulated windows should prevent moisture from condensing on the interior pane because the argon gas in between the panes of glass stop the cold air from hitting the interior pane. Thus no condensation. Old school single pane windows would without exception have moisture on them from condensation in the cold months. This happens even with low humidity rooms. So, to be safe I would wait on plugging in and playing any audio equipment that could potentially cause condensation. 

@barts @feldmen4 @dekay Ok, i have anywhere from 24 hours from the chemical engineer, to four days from barts.  I really don't think I need to wait longer than 24 hours but I would like to hear the logic for such a long period of waiting.  I thought i was showing restraint to wait 24 hours and keep box sealed.  :)  I'm not sure I can stand it to wait that long unless you have a strong argument for why it would take that long for amp to come to room temp or any condensation to dissipate.  Thanks to all who are giving me advice and opinions.

@bobpyle  No, the obvious didn't escape but I haven't spoken to the dealer in years and won't.  I spoke with Krell because the amp/pre-amp is long out of warranty, I paid and it's my issue.