State of HDCD and SACD

I am contemplating a new digital front-end and wondering if I should give preference to HDCD or SACD. It seems that you do not see these two technologies combined too often in a CDP, at least not well!

So, what I want to decide is "What has more of a future as a format?" I think both can sound excellent - that's not the question. I have a MiniMax CDP in my 2nd system that does great things with HDCD, and I previously owned a Shanling T200 that was great with SACD (and Redbook).

If I decide to put my eggs in the HDCD basket I'll probably get a Raysonic CD128. If SACD, a Marantz SA-11.

So, I would appreciate hearing takes on the respective futures of these formats. SACD has many titles available but still a drop, of course, compared to Redbook, and it seems views differed greatly on its future the last time I looked into it, about a year ago.

Would also consider other recommendations for players. Is there something there under $3K (preferably new - I don't trust used digital transports) that does HDCD and SACD and does them both well?
If they keep the life-support plugged in till I myself kick off I'll be satisfied. ;-}
FWIW, I've added Sony to my 'Enemies' list.

They're at #673 at the moment following 'Jane Fonda' and 'New York Mimes'.
01-16-07: Paulfolbrecht
FWIW, I've added Sony to my 'Enemies' list.

They're at #673 at the moment following 'Jane Fonda' and 'New York Mimes'.


FWIW, Sony is much higher on my 'Enemies' list, they come in at #342, right behind 'New Coke'.
SACD has been claimed to be on its death bed for close to a decade now. New software and hardware are being released....

How long do you expect to wait for blu-ray to have a decent pile of software to choose from. Willing to wait 3-5 years? By then memory sticks might be the portable method of choice as shiny disk will go away. Enjoy what's available like SACD, oh and vinyl too ;)
"oh and vinyl too"...

Still have not dipped a toe into those waters. I know, if I do, I'll be in up to my neck in no time and there's a lot more $ in the hole. Funny, cause I do agree that nothing compares to good vinyl. It's the best.