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Just upgraded yesterday from the innuos zenith mk3 to the innuos statement. It is a huge step forward. 
The jump in performance from one level to another was clear and obvious, and the improvement was across the board fantastic.  The background was quieter. The dynamics were better. The detail is just more....

I had originally ordered a innuos Phoenix. As I started to look at the cost for a new USB and a new power cord (plus the dollars from the sale of my zenith) and the cost of the Phoenix, I realized that I was getting close to the cost of the statement. I never got the Phoenix in my system but I have read that the combination of the Phoenix and the zenith mkiii is 90% of the statement. Really glad I went full Monty. 
This is by far the single biggest improvement in sound quality that I have added.

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Congrats op the statement is really impressiive your comments are ptoof positive that  high quality servers really do make a  huge audible differences in sound quality

What is fascinating is just how differennt two high quality servers can sound

Wedid a shootout of the statement vs a baetis ref vs a Lauder technik memory player
All had a distictly differen tsoind everything remaindededconstant other than the server

In two weeks we are getting in a new server from europe that people are saying is the best sounding usb source for the money in all of europe

We cant wait

Bike tony we know of a few tweaks which mprove the satemment you can dm us if you like

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Just yesterday, so are those the differences you heard right at first turn on? Or did you allow time for the unit to settle a day or so? It is in my experience that differences can be ‘false’ or ‘exaggerated’ when evaluating immediately. And this has shown true with gear, as well as cords and cables. I am not doubting at all that the Statement is that superior, just curious as to what ‘state of the system’ was when these differences were noted. 
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Congratulations on your new Statement! You made it on top of summit for servers/ streamers. It’s a truly magic piece of equipment.
jriggy,.. The unit was just turned on when I first posted.  The unit has been on for a little over 48 hours as of now. And maybe you are right that the changes were a little exaggerated. Today it seems to be smoother. But Better. More open. Having a hard time going to bed at a decent time.

thyname..Thank you. I truly agree with you. 
Audiotroy... I am interested in what tweaks you can pass on. I will PM tomorrow.

Curious if anyone has tried the “M12 switch IE Gold” ?

Two tweaks on the Statement come to mind, that have worked very well for me:

1 - Get a nice power cord. It will a substantial improvement over stock pc

2 - Chord over in UK makes some Statement-specific umbilical cords. They are pricey ($1,375 for a 0.5M pair), but well worth it. Even at 0.5M length, they are longer than stock umbilicals, which will make it easier to set two units in different shelves.

1-For power cord I am using a shunyata Delta NR. But thinking about upgrading to a Kubala Sosna 15 amp Emotion power cable. Right now using 20 Amp kubala emotion power cords on my amps and preamp. 2-Is the Chord cable you’re mentioning the “Burndy Cable” ?
is the correct cable the 7 or 9 pin ?
Defiantly considering the statement-specific umbilical cord. 
There is only one after market umbilical cord officially approved from Innuos, the Chord one.

I would not do anything else, as you may brick the unit. Talk to your Innuos dealer, and they will know what I am talking about 

There is a Statement available for sale today over at the other site (USAM). Good price. Maybe some "wiggle room" too 
Just a word of advice; don't ignore the suggestion for the Chord umbilical cord  Significant difference from stock.  Highly recommended by my old ears.  Improvements across the board,
I also use an aftermarket power cord, Cardas Clear, and CenterStage2 footers from Critical Mass Systems.  The combo of tweaks has taken the Statement to an easily heard higher level of performance.  
I play mostly rebook CD's and Tidal Masters.

I agree with you on the chord umbilical. I did purchase one used. And it was a significant amount of detail added. Using a kubala sosna emotion power cord, also using kubala sosna emotion usb, love the statement. 
I also play mostly redbook cd’s from my NAS, tidal and Qobuz. 

Hello All,  I'ma awaiting both my McIntosh C53 for the new day module and the Innuos Statement.  Any thoughts on the pairing?


just saw your post. Did you get both the innuos statement and the c53 ?

what are your thoughts ?

what streamer did you have before ?
where can i buy the cable chord umbilical?? for innuos statement.
do you know a seller ???
thank you

kad the cable is sold be sound organization dealers in the US.

it is made by chord

it does improve the sound