State of HDCD and SACD

I am contemplating a new digital front-end and wondering if I should give preference to HDCD or SACD. It seems that you do not see these two technologies combined too often in a CDP, at least not well!

So, what I want to decide is "What has more of a future as a format?" I think both can sound excellent - that's not the question. I have a MiniMax CDP in my 2nd system that does great things with HDCD, and I previously owned a Shanling T200 that was great with SACD (and Redbook).

If I decide to put my eggs in the HDCD basket I'll probably get a Raysonic CD128. If SACD, a Marantz SA-11.

So, I would appreciate hearing takes on the respective futures of these formats. SACD has many titles available but still a drop, of course, compared to Redbook, and it seems views differed greatly on its future the last time I looked into it, about a year ago.

Would also consider other recommendations for players. Is there something there under $3K (preferably new - I don't trust used digital transports) that does HDCD and SACD and does them both well?
01-16-07: Paulfolbrecht
FWIW, I've added Sony to my 'Enemies' list.

They're at #673 at the moment following 'Jane Fonda' and 'New York Mimes'.


FWIW, Sony is much higher on my 'Enemies' list, they come in at #342, right behind 'New Coke'.
SACD has been claimed to be on its death bed for close to a decade now. New software and hardware are being released....

How long do you expect to wait for blu-ray to have a decent pile of software to choose from. Willing to wait 3-5 years? By then memory sticks might be the portable method of choice as shiny disk will go away. Enjoy what's available like SACD, oh and vinyl too ;)
"oh and vinyl too"...

Still have not dipped a toe into those waters. I know, if I do, I'll be in up to my neck in no time and there's a lot more $ in the hole. Funny, cause I do agree that nothing compares to good vinyl. It's the best.
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Blu-Ray technology had nothing to do with my point. My point was that until Blu-Ray, Sony had always supported their SACD technology in their DVD players, they no longer do. So Sony, the creator of SACD has officially shitcanned SACD and moved on. Just like they did with Beta, and will do in the future with Blu-Ray, Sony is unwilling to support their new technologies. I'm not interested in Blu-Ray, because it will be another superior, yet failed technology from Sony.

If you can remember, Beta didn't die overnight. It took several years. I haven't heard that SACD has been on it's death bed for a decade now, I think you're exaggerating. I felt Sony dealt the deathblow two years ago when they pulled the plug on the software. Now they've pulled the plug on the hardware. When the creator pulls the plug, one does have to wonder how long it can survive.

FWIW, I own a SACD player and love the format. It certainly is closer to vinyl than redbook. I can't let my emotions deny the facts though. I love my mother, yet I see her growing weaker in front of my eyes.

FWIW, on the Sony website, there is a link about SACD. In the FAQ section, one question is: Where can I buy a SACD player? In the answer there is a link to Sony Home Audio products from SonyStyle. When clicking on this link, the response is 'This merchant is no longer participating in the affiliate program.'

Now if that isn't a sign of the creator abandoning his creation, what is?