I'm just wondering how others deal with static on their vinyl. I can't seem to get rid of it and having a Yellow Lab that sheds 24/7 hair seems to float in the air stick to my vinyl.

Help! Oh, and the Yellow Lab stays.
I use three things to fight static with my analog system. 1. There's a Herbie's mat on my TT 2. I use an RCM and 3. There's an ultra quiet humidifier running 24/7 in the room.
Check running ground wires from your main ground source (back of phono pre maybe)to #1 your tonearm #2 your table, ie...try diffent ground points...may help static drian.

A Hunt EDA brush seems to help get rid of static in my set up. The differnt brush vs velet seem to set up a opposiing charge.... or does something to help

Disc doctor fluid helps with static vs my Record Research.

A Zerostat gun

Licking your fingers before holding your carbon fiber brush, then one licked hand hold the brush, the other hand on a ground drain static from you...

Carpeted floors and your static issue maybe linked. Ditto the humidity discussed above.

Good luck...this can be a pain!

I do have carpet and a very dry house. I may have to implement a lot of what is written above to get this static under control. I use a Rolling 152 for cleaning surface dust. I think this helps a little, but I will look into the Hunt EDA brush and Zerostat gun for sure --and a humidifier. Hopfully all this will help.

Thanks agian