Static attack! Time to get the humidifiers going

With the temperature dropping and the heat kicking on that old nemesis is rearing it's ugly head again.  Easily noticeable on most records lately.  Especially today when I went to do some listening.  I have a Hudson hi-fi Anti static dust brush contraption set up and I think it does help.  I especially like how it dusts the record as it spins.  But when I went to throw on a record (Mahavishnu Birds of Fire) the dust brush swung over towards the record like a shot!  Hit it with the Zerostat (had forgotten to use it first) and tried placing the record on the platter again.  The dust brush stayed put!  Good to see the Zstat doing it's job.  

But, I am considering purchasing a Furutech destat in the near future.  Anyone actually use one with good results?  It is a bit pricey but I'm thinking it may be a worthwhile investment.  



@ghdprentice , There will be a political price to pay.

As far as Humidifiers go, steam generators are handily the best. They can be put in a room but are best mounted on an air handler with high efficiency filters. They have replaceable steam canisters which have to be replaced every year or two depending on the hardness of your water. The down side is that they not only need a water supply but they also need a drain as they rinse the canister every 24 hours or so. They also use a lot of power, as much as an air conditioner. They will however pump 12 gallons of water into the air daily, enough to totally flood your windows. Windows are always the limiting factor. Few people can get up to 40% relative humidity without forming big puddles under the windows. 

Best advice is to not try to fight nature. It is futile. 
North of the 49th parallel, we experience extreme cold that often comes extremely suddenly. Unless you are cooking constantly with a lot of boiling water, and have a houseful of people that take 2 hour hot showers, you will have a natural gas fired forced air heating system equipped with an evaporative humidifier prior to the air filter. The net result is fairly controllable humidity levels right in that 30-35% sweet spot. 

On drier days, I rely on the ZeroStat and always use the DiscWasher with D4+ fluid. Static electricity hasn't been a problem for over 40 years. As others have observed, the technique is everything with the ZeroStat. I've looked at der fuhrer's hokum, and take a pass. This ain't rocket surgery folks!



The “fixes” listed above for such a very simple and local problem……