Static IP for Aurender N100H music server?

Does anyone know how to assign a static IP to my Aurender N100H music server?  My backup failed last night and I noticed the IP had changed by one digit.  When I tried to locate the device using the UNC \\N100H-04840 is did not resolv.

On the Aurender I app I found the section for selecting the server but it only displays the network properties of the server.  I do not see an option to change.

My Aurender is on a UPS battery backup and I did not see an improper shitdown but there was a message on my QNAP that there was an improper shutdown at 3:00 am and the the file system had to be scan for corruption.



Regardless of the type of server/streamer, I think it makes sense to assign it a static IP address so that software finds the streamer on a reboot. You can set that up in your router interface.

I’m having the same problem with my Zen Stream so you have my deepest sympathies.  Ugh. 

In you router you can assign an IP reservation from DHCP using the MAC address which I have laready done, but a static IP can only be assigned on the device. Networking 101 :-)

Improper N100H shutdowns and the corrupted OS that can result are big reasons I dumped my N100H. What a freakin' nuisance.

In any event, you can assign the N100H a static address using your router's browser. That way, when anything is rebooted (streamer, computer, router), your software will always see your streamer.

Sorry cleeds, just a different way of saying the same thing.  Yes, DHCP reservation is the same as static IP.

I am trying to avoid having to shut my Aurender down so put it on a good quality 'server grade' Tripp-Lite UPS.  By the looks of it last night it worked because my QNAS apparently has a power glitch and my router is plugged into the same circuit.  I have a UPS for that circuit as well but the battery is dead.  Another project.

The Aurender did not have any messages regarding an improper shutdown.