Static-like Sound from Tweeter?

Have recently noticed a static kind of sound coming from one of the tweeters of my Totem Hawks. Only notice it on some (Not all) quieter music and only when close to speaker - i.e. can't really notice it ten feet away but do hear it 3-4 feet away. Not there when no music is playing.

Any ideas on what this is?
Ag insider logo xs@2xitball
Itball, switch your speaker cables from one speaker to the other to see if it is still there or goes to the other speaker.

If it stays then you have a speaker issue, if it follows then something else within the system.

Start there and let us know the results.
Try reversing the right and left channel from the source (since its the easiest) and does stay in the 1 tweeter? If so I personally would reverse the speaker connections to determine if its the source speakers amp or preamp.