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Bluesound Node N130
Make sure audio clock trim on Node is off. That has caused similar issues with certain DACs.   
Streamer with variable digital output
Lumin absolutely does variable volume control on digital outputs and has maybe the most advanced algo available. I have the U2 Mini, it is a streamer only (no DAC) and it has the Leedh volume control. It's excellent.   
For wi-fi streamers--a discovery to increase wi-fi strength
I ran my BS Node for 3+ yrs on FAIR signal strength with zero problems with any hi res files, and no dropouts or buffering. I didn’t plan on wading into the Ethernet vs Wifi fray but there are actually some manufacturers that suggest a well design... 
Upgrade from BS Node 2i?
I like the idea of separating streamer and DAC - more opportunity to adjust sound via the DAC without having to sell the whole thing. I moved from a Node to the Lumin U2 Mini and a Topping DAC (tried a few and ended up with the old D70s with the A... 
Beginner streaming questions?
Definitely something wrong here with your set-up, hardware or wifi. I use both Qobuz and Tidal with a Lumin U2 Mini and the gap between tracks on the same album or on a playlist is a second or two using the Lumin app.   
DC entering my amp?
Thanks everyone. Will work to do some DC measurements and see what it turns up.  
DC entering my amp?
@cleeds I only know because the amp has a particular protection for DC and that is what lights up. It has a separate overheating protection and that is not being triggered. Speaker wires are all banana terminated and all clear of strays (I checked... 
Balanced Streamer/DAC to Unbalanced Preamp
Thanks all. It's what I thought but great to be able to get some quick advice here!  
Bluesound Node USB Output Connection
A number of people have noticed this incl myself. I just pinched the metal top portion of the cable connector down a tiny bit to force a tighter connection.  
48kHz vs 96kHz: audible?
Very interested in the topic having spoken to a recording engineer friend of mine and having read what I can comprehend. I sort of understand now why hi res matters in the studio and the mastering. But I'm having trouble understanding how, if it's... 
Just getting into Streaming, need help and advice
I have used Bluesound products for a few years now and like the set-up. I have a Vault with all my old CDs on it but mostly stream from Tidal and Qobuz on the app through a Node (the new one) via USB now to an MQA-capable Topping DAC and then on t... 
Need help understanding USB cables
Thank you everyone, much appreciated!  
Matching solid state amps with tube based pre amps
Have used tube pre/SS amp for years. It's no guarantee but if you find the right combo, it can be great. A many have said, pay attention to impedance matching and spend some time rolling tubes to fine tune the sound. Currently LTA MZ3 into SPL Per... 
Tube rolling LTA MZ3
Have rolled NOS Mullard 6201's in place of the Genalex 12AT7s it shipped with. Smoother, less grainy but keeps the detail. Did not like any of the 12AU7's I tried including some NOS Mullards and Brimars. System seemed a bit lifeless. 
Average Price Spent for Speakers
In my personal experience, speakers are the most important piece of the chain so they are roughly half the $ of the total system for me. I happened to buy them slightly used but at list, my Harbeth SHL5+ and stands are about $9K of a roughly $18K ...