Stax ED-1 Equalizer. Comments?

Hi folks.

Would like to solicit opinions from anyone who has experience with the Stax ED-1 Equalizer/processor.

Worth it? Just weird sonic tricks? Thanks in advance.
If naturally recorded, I have found the ED1 to make a huge improvement! The best of German and Japanese thinking.
I use an ED-1 with my Stax Omega earspeakers(vintage '94) and and SRM-T1 tube amplifier. As you may know, the ED-1 was designed for the Lambda series espkrs, but I find that they do balance out the midrange and clarify the base characteristics of the Omegas. It is easy to switch in and out of the circuit, and with some music I switch it out of the signal path, but not often and not for long. I am looking for an SRM-T2. Let me know if you run across one.
Thanks for the comments guys. I am looking for one, if you happen to know of one for sale. What would you say is a good price for a used unit in good shape? Also, aside from the spatial improvements, is there any obvious hardening of the sound? I always hesitate to put more electronics in the signal path. Thanks.