Stax F-81: Make a great speaker better?

Just bought a pair (second time). They sound glorious with Manley 200's. First time around amplification was not up to par(Moscode600).Looking for intelligent opinions on ways to make this incredible speaker better. Power cords(so far MIT Z-cords have made a significant if not overwhelming improvement, speaker cable(Siltech, power conditioners(they do sound a bit more refined plugged into a Power Wedge). I am most curious about a mod that I read about and can't remember where: the removal of the RC network in the power supply. Thank you all ahead of time.
Don't do it. The only mod I found effective was a compensation filter for the mid-bass suck-out. The filter makes the F81 quite flat but power handling is compromised. Use the filter plus a sub to solve that.
Kr4, thanks for the advice. Could you describe this filter? And what sub do you think can keep up with this speaker? I am looking at a Kinergetics SW200.
I never found a sub that could keep up with this speaker, I tried, Muse 18, Janis, and other less notable. The best advise I got was from the seller who said dont try to add bass as you will ruin the qualities of this fine speaker. I ran it with OTL's Counterpoint SA4's and the sound was glorious. I regret to this day I sold them.
The problem with using any sub is the interface. Since the F81 has a significant amplitude suckout in the mid-bass and peak in impedance at 200Hz, one must compensate for both of these in order that adding a sub does not make things worse, as it usually does with F81s. The circuit is a 6dB/8vo boost from 500Hz down to 100hz. Below that, I ran it flat (w/o sub) or rolled off at 24dB/8vo (with a sub). Kal
Kal, thanks again. You obviously have good ears and know what you are talking about. That is exactly what I hear. Could you describe this circuit from the standpoint of constructing it? Component values, schematic etc. I am handy with a soldering iron and maybe a bit too daring when it comes to playing with the guts of a component. I follow directions well if told what to connect to what. Any experiene with "augmenting" subs. No interface. REL? Thanks again for your time. Lino.
I wish I could find my original notes. I have the formulas but would have to run the calculations all over again. Basically, it takes an opamp (per channel), 3 resistors and a capacitor to set-up the bandwidth limited boost to match the amplitude traces provided with the speakers. I set the filter to start the boost at 400Hz and run it for an octave to where the response curve begins to recover. A steep roll-off at 100Hz is needed for use with a sub or a slower one (just a series cap) if there's no sub. E-mail me for a diagram.

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Reading over old threads on the Stax F81, which I drive with Emotiva HC-1s. I like this combo a lot--will go as loud as I need. Still wondering about how much better I'd do with tubes. Do you still use the Manley 100/200s? How much better would Atmasphere MA-1s be?