Stealth Indra vs Stealth Sakra

Are there any Stealth Sakra users out there?
The new flagshipp IC of Stealth audio.
How good is it and did anyone compatred it against the Indra?
What are the diferences?
Hi Ertur
I have both; it's nice to put Sakra to hte source and Indra between premamp-amp.

Sakra is very very good in direct comparison with Indra it is more liquid sounding and more naturall overall. Maybe more musicall than Indra but Indra is more monitor cable.

Dynamics are equall or a small bit on Indra's favour.

But in general if you listen to Sakra... you want it!

Indra remains top interconnect though and can be mixed with any other cables in a system. Very few other brands can match Indra's sonics.
Hi Kops
I see you have a nice systeem.
Congragulations whit your Hansen Prince V2 this are some of the most musical and technicaly perfect speakers!
Well i own the Indra for a long time and did not hear any interconect beter yet...
My Indra took some more than 1000 hours to sound really good at the moment i also own a Stealth Sakra and to me still the indra sounds beter but i am passioned and think that the Sakra maybe also need 1000 hour or more to sound best???
Can you advise?
Hi Ertur,

Sakra needs more burn-in than any other Stealth cable I know of. Right out of the box the frequency extremes are "shy" especially the top end treble needs 200hrs to open and then is more musical treble than Indra.

But in the begining you can hear more deep and natural sound; although directly with a burned-in Indra Indra is more dynamic and analytical but in time when Sakra opens up you'll see.
Hi kops you are right Sakra opened up after 700/800 hours and is really very good!
My first impression going from the Indra to Sakra is more detailed and lusher (at the same time) bass and mids with Sakra....yet the same spaciousness of soundstage and clear highs.

Still evaluating and burning-in.

Maybe not worth the extra bucks....unless the money doesn't matter.
I also am running Sakra and Indra. The Sakra on source to pre and Indra on Pre to amps. I concur with all the above statements: essentially, Sakra right out of the box to me, had more body and better bass, seemed more fleshy if that's a word!! I immediately thought, this IS better, no question! As I listen to it, I am questioning whether it is changing quite abit as it's breaking in. I only have maybe 80 to 100 hours on it right now, but everytime I listen it seems a little different! At this point I'm not sure about the top end......some occassions I listen and think, hmmm that's a shrillness I've never heard on my system.......and other times it's like, holy sh@#, that is fricken amazing! So, I am still experiencing the Sakra, and enjoying the ride, curious to see where it takes me.

The cable does fit very tight, making it tough to be switching out to compare with the Indra on a regular basis. Hence I have not switched back since installing it, however, I do look forward to trying that once I get some serious hours on it.

One thing that is important to me is aesthetics! I would not have a component in my system mearly for looks, however I would have a component that was not attractive to me, if the sound was undeniable! Fortunately, with the Sakra you get both, performance and looks. I think it is the most attractive ic I have ever seen, gorgeous! If it was sonically the equivalent to Indra, I think I would still try to find a way to get it in my system, just for the eye candy!
Sakra update: At around the 110 hour mark the shrillness that was hinted at, was gone. There was however briefly, a bass note that didn't seem to know if it was bass or midrange frequency........a strange anomoly that is difficult to describe.

At 250 hours is was sounding very airy.......nothing else really stood out!

At around the 450 mark it changes considerably. At this point there was a wider sound stage than before, wider than the Indra, alot more detail than that Indra, way more layers. I am really really liking it at this point.
Hi have STEALTH DREAM V10 at 260hrs its still opening up .How many more hours to go?