stereo setup for newbie

hi all, i'm a new member here and looking to learn from here of starting a stereo system. I'm thinking a basic 2 channel amp that can power a pair of floor standing speakers. I'm currently eyeing a pair of bowers & Wilkens cm9 or kef iq9 both used of course (my budget is around 2k for the setup) so around 1000 for the speakers or about 1000 for the amp. Given the speakers, what are your thought on amps to pair with them that provide the best sounding? I'm looking for high fidelity sound over raw power.

thanks all for viewing and helping this newbie out.
Well newbie, it's a great sport.. LOL stick around and you'll see what I mean. I think you need a couple of part too.  You need a preamp, or an integrated amp. (preamp and amp in the same chassis). 

Your gonna need a source, CD, turntable, stream, tape, laptop..

Cabling, need a few $$$ for cables, no need to go nuts.
No need to buy or use junk either.  Raw speaker cable with trimmed and or tinned ends, will be the least for the most.
A friend with the cable bug is good too. BUT DON'T spend a bunch of money, because he or she did. 
RCAs and XLRs, someone can chime in, best to buy, new or used.
DIY, you can do it, but, there is a trick or two. You can't build GREAT RCAs or XLRs without spending money, 2-6 pairs though, GREAT parts, may cost you more than what you can buy (pre made), because of the "bulk buy" ability of some cable guys, and where they are made. Their labor and material cost may be less expensive, than your DIY, learning curve, and parts cost...

PC (power cords), don't go nuts...

Power Supply surge protection, maint. ect? It's your money do you want to protect your 2000.00 (start) 4000.00 (finish lol) stereo system?


BTW not laughing at the cost of 4000.00 just it ALWAYS cost more than you think... Like double...may be a little overboard, but your gonna be surprised..

Advice FREE, Go tubes, do not go SS. Thats all I have to suggest. The SS groupies will tell ya, go SS. 
You take your pick. 
Thanks guys for the tips and advice. I'm still doing more research as to what is the right route to take. I've never had a tube amp before so I'm a little nervous going the tubes route. With SS, there are more choices and somewhat more affordable. I'm just starting out with entry level stuff but maybe will switch to tube further down the road when I zero in on my musical preference. 
I think you’re wise to hold off on tubes until you’ve got some more experience with this stuff. Here’s my top recommendation for you:

  • LSA-10 Signature monitors — $1299/pr. demo pair at Underwood HiFi ($2500 retail)
  • NuPrime IDA-8 integrated amp — $650 used on US Audio Mart ($1095 retail)
I know you’re looking for floorstanders, but these monitors punch way above their weight and pack a ton of refinement and quality parts, and they’re a very easy load for an amp. The IDA-8 (Absolute Sound Product of the Year award) can easily drive them and includes a pretty good DAC that could come in handy along with potential streaming capability. Pick up some decent stands and cables from Monoprice and you’re good to go. Add a couple subs later and you’ll have a truly excellent full-range system on the cheap.

If you just gotta have towers, there are some open-box Wharfedale Diamond 11.5s on the Music Direct Outlet for $1199 that is about $500 off retail. Anyway, hope this helps, and best of luck.