Stillpoints Aperture 2 Panels

These panels have made the biggest improvement in my listening room, much more than any equipment upgrade. I have 2 behind each ML11a and one in the middle front and rear. I also have SR HFTs throughout the room. Simply amazing! Last sunday night I took my Schiit Yggdrasil apart to replace the fuse with an SR fuse and snapped the ribbon connector, I admit to being a knucklehead. As I packed it up to be shipped for repair I realized I would be listening to vinyl for awhile. The next day it dawned on me that I could simply use the Node2 that I was using as a streamer. I am amazed at the sound though I can't wait for the Yggy to be fixed, with the new fuse installed. I will eventually get a streamer/server, probable the Arender N100H that can be had for about $1.5 used unless you folks have any other opinions. Anyway these panels have transformed my oddly shaped room. Next up are some tube traps for the corners. Listening to The Rhythm Of The Saints now, wow.


Just curious what differences did you experience putting 2 panels behind your Martin logans ?

I added 2 panels and they are incredible. The sound like you're moving the walls of your sound room.   My soundstage expanded a few feet left and right; i have more front to back presence as well.  

Well simguy I'm not sure if my MLs are even there. All I hear is a huge soundstage that is wider and deeper than I've ever heard. They make every record I have played on my Kuzma StabiR sound amazing. Even ones that I never thought much of in the past. And the Bluesound Node2, which is my entry to streaming I can't believe. I will welcome the return of the Yggdrasil but in the meantime I must say I don't feel like I am missing much. Does anyone have a recommendation for a server/streamer in the $1.5 used range to pair with the Yggdrasil?

Using 6 Aperture mk 2 they made a major improvement they are the best by far.Enjoy!