Stillpoints Ultra and Wilson Sophia II

I am very intrigued by the new stainless steel and aluminum Ultras fron Stillpoints. So, my questions are these:

1. Have any Sophia owners tried either version under your speakers? If so, what are your thoughts as to the impact of the Ultras on overall presentation?

2. Of those that have tried the Ultras, have you had occasion to compare the stainless steel to the aluminum version? If so, how would you characterize the difference between the two? I am inclined to think that the aluminum could thin out the sound and may take away from the bass, but that purely is supposition. Besides, my speakers are sitting on the Wilson spikes on hardwood floors so I am inclined to think that the stainless steel are the most viable option for me.

3. What size adapter did you use and did you attached the ultras directly to the body of the speaker or to the existing feet where the spikes screw in?

Thanks in advance. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.
I have the Sophia IIIs and started with the UltraSSs under speakers and the quality jump was much bigger than any component upgrade by FAR. I have since put those Ultra SSs and more under all units and put Ultra 5s under speakers and esoteric SACD player to another big improvement in sound.
Either Stillpoints or any of their dealers will tell you what thread size to order for your Sophias. Make sure you order the cups too, so you can level the speakers.
As far as SS vs AL Paul the inventor of SP says the SS versions are much faster at transferring vibration than AL and the sound was much better thru SS. I took his word but others have said the same.
Marc777 , could you give me a pointer in the SQ difference between the SS ultras under the speaker v/s the Ultra5 under them, is it a huge upgrade . Thanks in advance .
Marc777, I have the Esoteric X-05 SACD player. Could you please describe how you used the Stillpoints to support you Esoteric player? Thanks.
Glaucon, I placed 3 Ultra 5s very near the 3 original feet on the inside of each foot towards center. I used the stand for the Ultra 5s with caps up touching bottom of unit. I had tried a couple of other ways and this worked best for me. The regular ultras worked fine, but if you can try both and send back after trying I would. The difference I heard on my stereo was big enough to warrant buying 5s.
i have used stillpoints on sophia 3's - a really big improvement. there is no more aluminum - only stainless.