Storing audio equiptment

Hi everyone, I just moved out of Florida to the Cincinati area and was wondering if my equiptment (amp,speakers,etc) is o.k to store in a non-climate controlled storage space. It gets gets pretty cold here and I wonder if the cold will do damage to my components.

Welcome to Ohio, in our cold winters I wouldnt do it, plus if moisture gets in somehow then that leads to curosion and all sorts of problems.
The cold will damage your components if you do not let them warm back up to room temperature. Give them 24 hours at the very least. Very cold storage can result in frost, which can then cause the equipment to catch fire or even explode. I moved in the month of December once and the movers warned me about this. Of course I was in Canada, not in a warm, southern tropical climate like Cincinati :)
I wouldn't tempt fate by cheaping out, the humidity and temperature swings will still be a problem even when freezing isn't. I tried this once in the mid-Atlantic climate zone around Washington DC with a variety of different items for about 2 years, and regretted the mistake. Now my position is, if it's valuable to you and it isn't designed to live out of doors, make sure it's climate-controlled; not to do so is to be penny wise and pound foolish.
What happens is if their stored in the cold,when you bring them back into the warm,they usually sweat to some degree which leads to corrosion unless you dry them at the opportune time,perhaps with compressed air.Unheated storage and basements are the worst for moisture.You need to avoid them unless your in a corner trapped with nowhere to go......curosion/corrosion/kerosion.That too......Bob
Very helpful info.
I’m doing some renovations in my home and have been debating/exploring how to store my audio equipment. This answered my question.
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