Straight Wire Blue Thunder PC

A retailer that I purchased a power conditioner from generously included two older Straight Wire Blue Thunder PC’s with Hubbell plugs. No fancy jackets or anything but I would think they are pretty good cords. Anyone have opinions or comments on them?


They are mediocre at best - Better than stock power cables, but

- they are made with OFC cdopper - UP-OCC coper far superior

- they appear to use a conventional geometry, so a higher noise floor than other options

- they have cheap plugs with brass contacts - not good


I saw some advertised on Canuck Audio Mart priced at $250.each

For that price buy Zavfino - they are very good

Fina OCC Power Cable 14AWG - ZavfinoUSA

Regards - Steve

Thanks Steve. I basically got them for free so I was wondering if they were serviceable or what "level" they were.


Can you please substantiate the claims that

OFC copper not good - UP-OCC coper far superior. What's the real difference? Resistance? Non-linear effects? Something else? How it was measured/observed?

conventional geometry, so a higher noise floor than other options? Did you measure it yourself, or have seen measurements of higher noise floor? In what configurations? What equipment was used to measure the noise floor of that "conventional geometry" vs "unconventional" one?