Streamer for Metrum Onyx I2S connection

I have the Metrum Onyx DAC and can purchase the I2S adapter card.  I was wondering are there any streamers out there that dircectly output I2S and are compatible with Metrum's I2S ethernet input?  I know I could purchase the Ambre Streamer but do not want to add another box.  I'm looking for a Streamer that outputs compatible I2S to Metrum DACs if there are any out there.
If not is there a workaround that does not involve purchasing the ambre which then necessitates Roon as well.  I know the Ambre could be configured I believe to use other software than Roon but do not know how to do that.

The only way you will know what streamer would work is to know the pin layout on the I2S card.
Why do you want the I2S card ? This company is out of business they are doing I2S over a cat cable that does up to 192 khz the USB connection will go to 384khz, the spdif and AES out will go to 192khz. I don't see the I2S the way they are doing it as any sort of benefit.
I read that the best sound quality for the Metrum was over their I2S connection so that is why I was interested in trying it out and since I'm in the market for a new streamer was just wondering if anyone had successfully used a streamer via the I2S to the Metrum.  I know it is a long shot so most likely I will just continue to just use the other inputs which I already have used.
I think the only benefit would be using the amber streamer which is set up to interface with their proprietary way of using I2S. Since you mentioned you weren't interested in the Amber I was only pointing out I doubt there would be much if any reason or benefit connecting a different streamer through I2S if you could find one. I think the USB would be a better choice if there is a streamer that uses USB. 
Where can you buy an I2S card? I too would not be certain unless I could try, and report back.