Streamer reccomendation with RJ45 I2S and Dirac

Hello all,

First post for me here, appreciate your advice!
My current setup:
iFi Zen Stream WiFi - Aqua Voce S3 DAC - Musician Monoceros preamp - Adam active speakers

I’m looking for both Dirac room correction and ability to re-clock digital signal before input to DAC
I’ve found the Singxter SU-6 to be a great DDC to re-clock USB input and handle my I2S input to DAC, I do have the pin out scheme for the Aqua DAC
Also apparently Minidsp has a digital streamer that can handle Dirac room correction
I wonder if there’s a streamer/DDC with RJ45 i2s output out there to replace my Zen Stream and avoid making my chain too complicated

Again, happy to join this community, thanks

It's already too complicated get a Minidsp SHD and go straight to the Adam speakers.
At present I use Ethernet (CAT6) connection from my router to Devialet 120 Please let me know if your model can accept I2S via Ethernet.