Streamer under $1000 with built in Amazon Music HD

I'm admittedly an analog guy, so I haven't really looked at digital in any depth, so I'm hoping to create a short list of streamers with built in DAC specifically with a top notch Amazon Music HD interface.

I use it on the phone for car and headphone listening, but now I want to add streaming to the 2 channel system.

I'm most concerned with the wife using the system.  She can get around the Amazon Music phone app, and has some playlists.

She currently streams music from the Roku thru the home theater portion of the system.  We tried to use Heos app but it has an absolutely horrible interface.  And I'm not happy having to stream thru the HT portion of the system, especially having to use the TV and AVR.

Sound quality isn't as important as the ability to control the streamer with the phone.  We use it for background music.

What streamers, in your experience, has the best interface for Amazon HD built in?

Thanks in advance.

I've seen the Node 2i, I even heard it (but with an external dac I think).

I did not play with the phone interface, someone else was driving.

Would you say it's "technically challenged wife" easy to use?
LOL.. It's pretty easy to use. I just got mine last week and I had it up and running in 15 minutes.. Cheers..
My “technically challenged wife” was able to navigate AmazonHD through the Node. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong here due to a poor memory, but I think you can stay within the AmazonHD app and then Bluetooth it to the Node - essentially not needing to open BluOS app.
You could do that but you would be loosing the sonic qualities of the Hi Resolution stream by going through the Bluetooth codec. 


Current update on Bluesound Node 2i - it does play Amazon music but the UI is not the simplest or the fastest. You need patience. However the biggest problem is there is a crippling error (incomplete account information) that can take 5-10 mins to resolve before you can play Amazon again. It can happen multiple times a day and Bluesound support are just closing tickets as resolved as they have no clue how to fix it. Check the bluesound community for all the users who've reported it and are trying to get Bluesound to fix it.