Streamer with decent app

Hey all:

I like to control everything from my phone while chilling in bed. Mostly Spotify and Tidal. I have a Yamaha WXA-50 that works pretty well but ready for an upgrade.

I tried a Sonos amp because it offered more music services but didn’t feel that the sound was as good.

Looking for an all in one solution (amp, streamer) that has a nice app that works well with the music services.

Budget: <$3k




To me, the DAC makes the biggest difference and I’m using a Bluesound Node N100 with an LPS and a good USB cable going to my Denifrips Pontus ll. As time with the Node passes, I’m thinking of getting a better DAC, not a better streaming device.

All the best.

I've been using some KEF LS50 Wireless II's for the TV. Super convenient. No remote needed. From the app, they auto-power up when they sense a source. Volume adjustments can be made from your music app or, for video content, from the TV remote. I feel like they're a good measure of convenience and quality at a good price point. 

The Dynaudio Focus XD series powered speakers will appear on your network. You could use your phone and the Tidal/Spotify native apps and take advantage of the high resolutions streams available on Tidal. No boxes at all in your bedroom. Just speakers.


Used pair over on TMR for little over $2K

I picked up a Bluesound Powernode to try out.  The app is really nice.  Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as good as my Yamaha WXA-50 (to me anyway).

Still looking.  :-)