Streamer XLR Balanced - Blue Jean Cable Belden 1800f or Canare L-4E6S ?

Hey guys, can anyone offer any insight to which I should get... Here's the scoop..

Speakers: 4ohm Tekton Double Impact SE

Belden 1800f -  AES/EBU, low-capacitance, high-flex cable

Canare L-4E6S -  Higher noise rejection, but with higher capacitance

Since my speakers are 4ohm, should I go with the Belden since it has lower capacitance?

Are you looking for a cable from streamer to DAC or speaker cables? Seems like an AES/EBU 110 ohm digital cable so why the mention of your speakers? Can’t speak for the Belden but I can on the Canare and it’s a very good cable that does nothing wrong; very revealing but maybe just a tad soft compared to others that will probably be more expensive but sometimes those cables draw attention to themselves and never get out the way so you can just enjoy the music. Both are affordable enough to try them both and sale the one you don’t like and lose very little. If you try the Canare first and don’t worry about comparing it down the road you’ll be fine as I think you’ll forget it’s even there. Just buy it and try it.

If you’re looking for a 110 ohm cable in the Canare you might want to look at the DA206 110 Ohm AES/EBU Digital Cable over the mic cable.
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@adg101 thanks for the insight.. I mentioned the speakers because they're 4ohm.. I wasn't sure if that made a difference.

Thanks @tvad 

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@tvad I'm guessing people generally agree that's a "better" cable?  My problem is I have Audioquest Water xlr also going from the pre to the amps.  I got them at a killer deal and do NOT want to pay full price to match them.