Streaming through Marantz Pre/Pro

My current music system is as follows:

Pioneer N70ae Streamer

Pioneer LX800SE BDP

Marantz 8805/8077 pre/pro

PMC MB2SE speakers

All Cables by TimePortal

All equipment upgraded to limit vibrations and EMI RFI interference.

My issue is this is a revealing system, so that streaming often sounds hissy, and lacking in space between instruments or airiness.

Yes I know it’s limited in so many ways, the pre/pro amps are HT items. They sound ok and seem to power the PMC’s well enough.

So some benchmarks… when I play cd on the Pioneer LX800SE the system does sound significantly better but … but everything still sounds rather like MP3 V2.0. Am I being too picky? Or just not relating to what I’m hearing.

Then there’s the handshake issues. Suddenly the music stops. There’s an LG TV connected to the Marantz, HDMI eARC, using an 8GB Cable. The Pioneer audio track is showing on the screen. Good but stable for how long? I pulled the hdmi cable out and reinserted to the tv fixed that issue.

Do I want show the neighbors - the sound bar crew? Mmm not really yet. Nothing great here yet. Hang on the hdmi handshake issue stopped the music again 😵‍💫


Great system, I am using a Marantz 7702 in a 9.2.8 setup with active speakers. You aren’t being too picky, re: the hiss and SQ. I find HDMI fine for HT and atmos music. To get the best music performance I added an outboard DAC and have it connected via RCA. With the 8805 you could connect a separate DAC via the balanced inputs.

I know I lowered my noise floor when I addressed power. As for the handshake issue I would call marantz support, they are usually pretty helpful. It may be related to the 8K board and if it is a known issue they will tell you.

I would highly recommend getting the paid Audyssey upgrade and a calibrated mic. Night and day difference to the freeware version.

Thanks @kota1 ​​​​@spenav

I have had full systems with various dacs including Esoteric K03xs, Lampizator Amber and PS Audio Perfectwave my best results were with the Esoteric F05 integrated at the time and all of these have been sold.

My current main(?) system is a fully balanced all ARC system comprising Ref CD9 SE, LS10SE pre and D240 Mk II SE that is the best sound I’ve had feeding some large horn speakers (L’Instrument from Viking Acoustics). Still even this can sound a little hissy too, my wife commenting the other day its sounded too treble.

In part it is the rooms, for example, when I stand up between the PMC’s the bass is stronger than when I sit, so I tried tipping these speakers forward and backward about 5 degrees, with cork under them. No that didn’t change the acoustics much. I tried measuring the bass using my phone and a dBm meter app and it seemed like yes the bass is stronger at the standing height than sitting height.

This context is very new to me. I have lived overseas for more than 25 years and each location had solid walls (concrete blocks typically with more or less concrete render on top) and now I am back in Australia in a wooden frame and plaster board (acoustic batts insulated walls) construction with overall smaller rooms, the PMC’s are in a 4.3 x 5.5 x 2.7metres (14’ x 10’ x 8.6’) HT/Office room with carpet floor. The horn speakers are in the living room (with a big rug) roughly the same size with one side open.

The finicky handshakes are just plain annoying. Randomly disconnecting music destroy listening enjoyment for me just like pops and clicks on vinyl. Hence my not rushing to wire up my tt yet. I tried completely eliminating the tv and wiring direct from Oppo to 8805, still the 8805 oscillated and routinely turned off. It seemed most stable fully connected via eArc with the tv. But then in this situation the tv remote takes over volume control and responsive to the Marantz remote using any function becomes sporadic at best. Its like the remote is pushed out.

I was hoping that the 8807’s would be strong enough for the PMC’s and they are, but the 8805 that has lovely tonality for movies is being stretched too far for music. Logically, my options are

1. Replace the function of the preamp 8805 with something else to drive music. To test this I can move the LS10SE into the system and indeed the CD9/LS10 set into the system but this seems silly. Still having a better music streamer preamp combo might give a better result/synergy.

2. Somehow fix the bass to seating position issue, so as to better balance the treble perceived there now.

3. Regarding bypassing the 8805 dac, I am already bypassing it using the Pioneer N70ae as I am currently running this via XLR Out/In to the Marantz pre. And best signal audio is via UPNP from mConnect Lite Tidal to Pioneer or the Marantz direct (back to the Marantz dac in this case). Much better than AirPlay though. It seems the XLR stereo input is not stopping the Auto off and its cycling through power on/off...

Just to give some pleasure back here, this track seems amazing... Paper Trails by Darkside of their Psychic album.

The system seems to have stabilised. No idea why, just grateful.

Analog via the Pioneer XLR set seems to really lift the bass. Like I want to turn it up and disturb the entire house! Ok this is good is activating. dB meter is showing peaks at 50-63Hz 90dB lol, now we’re is vibing...





The two problems you are having are very common. Your system is sounding a little harsh and cold as your wife noticed. The solution is room acoustic. You can have a professional address it for you (where is the fun in that) or you can do it yourself by trial and error (sometimes more expensive). Some people use tube gears to get that warmth but room acoustic is the right solution. As for the issue with the bass, you might need to introduce multiple subwoofers (no more than three) and put one of them on a stand so that the driver is between a quarter and one half of the room height. I will try to attach a picture of one of my subs. Good luck.



+1 on room acoustics and multiple subs. The OP's equipment is all top notch.

OP, our setup is very similar. The steps I took to take it up a notch were to add room treatment following the acoustic recipe of anthony grimani following a video he posted on youtube which I can link to if you like. The next thing was upgrading to the paid version of audyssey with a calibrated mic. You already have the separate streamer and DAC. 

A power conditioner really helped me lower the noise floor.

As for the handshake/hdmi issue try reaching out to marantz tech support, they likely have had other customers with similar issues.

Check at the :49 minute mark in the video for the acoustic recipe:


Been there, done that.

I would highly recommend a separate 2 channel system that would also connect with your Marantz AVR via its pre-outs to the ’front’ channel/speakers.

You could find a very good integrated with HT pass-through which when turned on, would power your ’front’ main 2 channel speakers, or when off, would provide the source for you music. Your Marantz would always provide power/signal to your center and rear speaker in HT mode.

Your streamer could probably be connected to both a new 2 channel integrated via the analog outputs, and also the Marantz via a digital out should you want that flexibility. Your streamer also has its own DAC, so you don’t *need* a separate DAC, but that is always and option.

In this way, all your 2 channel listening would be via the new 2 channel integrated (or separate 2 channel preamp and power amp). In HT mode, the Marantz is used for powering all but the ’front’/main speakers and 2 channel analog sources.

I tried doing similar to your setup, and used it for both 2 channel and HT, but the 2 channel SQ was always compromised. Initially I got a separate power amp to use for the fronts, that helped. A little. But the real change was when I went to a dedicated 2 channel preamp with HT pass-thru, and connecting all my 2 channel components to that, not my AVR. The sound quality increase was substantial.

I now have the ’best’ of both worlds. When I want to watch TV, or the Berlin Philharmonic in HT mode, it sounds great, and when I want to just listen to 2 channel music, that is now great too, as I got the AVR out of that chain with components designed and built specifically for that purpose.





Thanks for your feedback and suggestions here. It’s a line of inquiry I may continue to pursue as I acclimatize to the system.

Out of interest which preamp power amp combo are using today? Speakers?


Out of interest which preamp power amp combo are using today? Speakers?

I have a Yamaha AVR for HT, a Belles Aria Signature preamp with HT pass-thru input from AVR pre-out. 2 Belles MB200 monblock amps. Vandersteen Treo ‘front’/main speakers connected to the Belles mono blocks (used for both HT and 2 channel), Vandersteen 2CE Sigs as rear speakers in HT, and a ELAC Debut 2.0 center speaker. The rears and center connected to the AVR.

Also an iFi Zen Stream for streaming, a Denafrips Ares II DAC, a Audiolab CD transport, a Nakamichi tape deck, and a SOTA turntable with Hagerman Trumpet phono pre. All only connected to my Belles 2 channel preamp, thus not in the AVR chain at all.