String alternative for Eurolab TT

I have bought a Scheu/Eurolab Premier TT, the only problem of which is that the nearly invisible tiny string Scheu provides tears up every few days. Have other Scheu/Eurolab-owners found alternatives/strings? And what kind of knot do you use to tie the knot - mine open quite often, so far.
I had the same problem with the knot letting go.What I did to correct it;when you make a loop double it before you tie the knot.Since I did the double loop and then knot I have not had any problems with the knot letting go.As far as string I would contact Hart at Audioadvancements 973-875-8705.Hope that helps...Jofi
i have a micro seiko 1500 where the belt is similar to what you're describing. for years i have used dental floss. use a reef knot to tie it ( left over right and under, then right over left and under) this will never slip. in order to tidy the loose ends. i put a drop of loc-tite adhesive on the knot. let it cure and then you can trim the loose ends flush with the knot. it's worked for me for years now. hope it works for you. it won't cost anything to try it!
You can use almost any kind of string/line for that purpose. You will find that they sound different, and you can pick one you like. Common strings for TT use are silk bead cord, fishing line, cotton string.
Dear Hassel: Do exactly what Jofi already told you ( including a phone call to Hart ). Don't change for other type of string.
BTW, which is your cartridge/tonearm combo ?
Regards and always enjoy the music.
My tonearm is Scheu´s Tacco, which, according to a few analogies on the German Audio Analogue Forum, is close or as good as a Schroeder-arm, but much cheaper), the cartridge an Ortofon Venice - a MC created especially for the German market - going into a McIntosh C200
If your string is breaking off every few days, that should be because you have the tension too tight. You want the string tension to be able to give at least half an inch to 3/4 inch, maybe even an inch, when pushed with a finger. That should solve the problem. A standard noose knot will not give, nor will a reef knot, but the noose is much easier to make.