Studio 100's need preamp/amp . Sunfire or NAD?

I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 v2. and I need better power. A Lot better power then what I have right now...

For my budget I was looking at the NAD line. A C160 Preamp with a 218 THX (or used 208 THX) power amp. Or possibly two C270's mono blocked for the power amp. (Same price as the 218 but more power.)

There also seems to be some deals out there on a newer Sunfire product. The "Symphonic Reference Stereo Stack". This combo looks pretty attractive to me but they seem to be lacking in reviews.

To Demo either of these seems to be next to impossible around here so if anyone cares to help out and offer any input, that would be great!

This is a 90% music setup. Any DVD usage is just a bonus. ANY sound through the 100's is way better then it is through the TV.

I would maybe like to add a sub down the road... But that would be about it.

Go with Anthem MCA 20 (200 wpc X 2). Great bang for the buck amp. Also, it should be a great match with your Paradigms IMHO. I have MCA 20 and MCA 30 matched to my Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers. Sounds awesome.
I'm using an Athem MCA 20 and a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 tube preamp with my Studio 100's. Like it very much. The Line 1 is no longer available new but comes up on Agon from time to time. That's how I got mine.
I did go take a look at the Anthems toady. I didnt know there was an Athem dealer around me but there is! (Still over an hour but considered close for me.)

He didnt have the MCA 20 in stock but he had the preamp that would be within my budget (TLP 1). He is also a Paradigm dealer but no studio's in the store... I dont understand why Audio stores do not stock the products they are trying to sell... Chances are I would have bought that Amp/PreAmp today if they would have had them there for me to demo.

Since I didnt, would anyone else care to comment on the NAD or Sunfire and now the Anthems?

Thanks Again!

It comes down to budget as to what stores can stock. Paradigm/ Anthem (Paradigm is the parent company of Anthem) can't afford to give demo gear away on spec. I have heard that the TLP 1 is a decent piece of equipment given it's relatively low price. Check out Anthems web site and you can link to some reviews of their equipment. The MCA line of amps don't have any reviews posted. All reviews are of the previous line of MCA amps (2,3, & 5). Apparently the newer line is supposed to be a fair improvement over the old.
Anthem came from Sonic Frontiers - does Paradigm own them too? I can' keep up with mergers. Anyway, for my Paradigm 100.2, the best I have found was McIntosh but they may be expensive for you. Not sure of the NAD's price range. If so, look into Carver amps - they can be cheap and good powerhouses, so I hear. Arthur
I am just about convinced to put mono-bridged (300W) NAD c270s across the front of my HT (Paradigm Studio 60v2) at the recommendation of a dealer. Their sound room demo used the C270s (with an Anthem AVM-20 and Studio-100s) that they suggested over the more expensive Anthem MCA offering. Anybody else with this setup or feedback on the final decision back in Nov? Thanks!
Paradigm bought Sonic Frontiers/ Anthem and basically retired the SF moniker and product line. Shame really as it was very good gear at a reasonable price. Their focus today is on the multi-channel market.

The MCA 20 is a very decent amp for the money, you'ld have to spend a great deal more to get better.